ASK.NAOS - Our approach

Because everyone has the right to know

Because it is important to understand what we apply to the skin, NAOS is proposing Ask.NAOS, a unique platform that decrypt the composition of all BIODERMA, Institut Esthederm and Etat Pur product formulas. 

Because we owe you simple, intelligible information that is neither controversial nor anxiety-provoking, we present you with the nature, role and origin of each ingredient, and we share key information about our patents and technologies. 
For example, you will exhaustively discover the following, for each ingredient:
•    its nature: vitamin, plant extract, oil, butter, etc.
•    its origin: plant extraction, mineral, synthesis, biotechnology, etc.
•    its role: moisturising, soothing, cleansing, gelling, etc.

Because Ask.NAOS expresses our formulation and composition choices and convictions, we have decided to explain our ecobiology approach to you. This unique approach combining the biology and ecology of the skin has been implemented for more than 40 years! 

Through ecobiology, we consider the skin as an ecosystem made up of living cells that constantly interact with one another and with their environment. We also favour pure, biomimetic, precisely dosed and naturally assimilated ingredients. 

We want to strengthen the skin’s natural mechanisms to help it adapt and restore its own state of equilibrium. We care about understanding the origin of skin dysfunctions to equally address the causes and the effects. Lastly, we draw inspiration from life and observe what nature does best to develop solutions capable of having lasting positive action. 

Thus, through Ask.Naos, we are seeking to inform you of our convictions and knowledge regarding the skin, how it works and what it needs.  We are looking to share our knowledge with you, to give you the ability to understand and choose what best suits you. In complete autonomy.

Because we have a long-term commitment to transparency, the Ask.NAOS platform will be updated and enriched as our formulas change. It will also be gradually rolled out in all of the countries where NAOS operates.